Hauppauge Riggers

Hauppauge Riggers

Hauppauge Riggers – CR Hamilton provides Master Riggers for your Next Hoisting Project

If you have a project that includes moving heavy loads with hoists, slings, and other equipment by personnel trained in both operating procedures and safety, consider CH Hamilton.   For Hauppauge Riggers like CR Hamilton safety is the top priority when it comes to large or areal moves.   These projects cans be very dangerous if not handled carefully and your business requires the best in the business to protect your business and ensure the project is done right the first time!


When considering professional Hauppauge riggers to work with, you cannot underestimate the value of qualified, competent and capable riggers like CR Hamilton for safety and efficiency.  CR Hamilton is one of the few Masseter Rigger Certified companies to help your business with your next big move.  Besides the weights and capacities, the rigger must also be able to recognize other factors such as wind and weather conditions and the location of overhead power lines and other obstacles.


Consider working with a reputable company like CH Hamilton that has a track record of satisfied customers and that can provide solid references for prospective customers to review their level of service.  Knowing the history of your local Hauppauge Riggers will help you make the right decision when it’s time for the big move.


When you narrow your list of quality Hauppauge Riggers there are a number of things that you can lok to in order to make your final decision.  For example, find out what other services the company can offer including crating, shipping, and climate-controlled storage.   Those companies offering extras is more likely to be able to meet your expectations and have measures in place to address such needs if and when they arise.


CR Hamilton takes rigging and hoisting operations seriously, providing different types of machines and equipment for any scope of work, and continuously training their rigging specialists for maximum safety and efficiency. Looking for Hauppauge Riggers…consider CR Hamilton!

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