Huntington Riggers

Huntington Riggers

Huntington Riggers – Finding Qualified Riggers for your Next Hoisting Project

The term “rigging” was given as a nautical word in reference to the chains, ropes, and other types of lines used to support the mast and spars of a vessel, or used to set and trim sails. Today, the term refers to the process of moving heavy loads with hoists, slings, and other equipment by personnel trained in both operating procedures and safety.  For Huntington Riggers, safety is a major concern for any task involving airborne loads, as they can be very dangerous if not handled carefully.


When considering Huntington riggers to work with, you cannot underestimate the value of qualified, competent and capable riggers like CR Hamilton for safety and efficiency.  Safe rigging operations require the rigger to be well knowledgeable about things like the weight of the load, its center of gravity, and the path it needs to take to reach the unloading point.  Besides the weights and capacities, the rigger must also be able to recognize other factors such as wind and weather conditions and the location of overhead power lines and other obstacles.


Only after the rigger identifies ALL the specifications of a project can he choose the ideal rigging and hoisting techniques for moving the object – rigging, lifting, and landing the load.  When evaluating different Huntington Riggers, there are some things that can help you spot the ideal company, including:  Experience - Untrained or novice operators cannot perform rigging operations competently. Review the company’s track record, the kind of training they provide to their operators, how long they have been in the industry, and whether they have rigging specialists.

Reputation - A reputable company has a track record of satisfied customers, and should either provide testimonials on the company website, or provide solid references for prospective customers to review their level of service and professionalism.

Versatility - You should find out whether the rigging company has different types of equipment, and their load capacities. This will let you know whether their size of equipment can handle your project with regard to weight and reaching hard to access locations.

Extras - You should find out what other services the company can offer, such as crating, shipping, and climate-controlled storage. A company offering extras is more likely to know the requirements and expectations of clients, and have measures in place to address such needs if and when they arise.

CR Hamilton takes rigging and hoisting operations seriously, providing different types of machines and equipment for any scope of work, and continuously training their rigging specialists for maximum safety and efficiency.

Huntington Riggers
C R Hamilton
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