Inventory Management

At the very core of our business is inventory management. At C.R. Hamilton, we firmly believe that all of our services hinge on the proper care and control of the product our valued customers have entrusted us with. As soon as your product hits our docks, our trained warehouse staff will scan it into our bar code system that has been specifically designed for our industry. Freight is carefully catalogued capturing information such as the date it arrived at our warehouse, the carrier that delivered it, the carrier’s Bill of Lading, the manufacturer of the product, and manufacturer’s part number and order number. As a matter of fact, our system can be custom tailored to capture and display the particular information that you would like to see.

Our warehouse staff understands that your materials may have been ordered to fulfill a project that has pre-determined deadlines and delays are frustrating and costly. That is why we inspect each package for any visible damage when it arrives. If damage is detected, a warehouseman will take pictures, note the damage on the trucker’s Bill of Lading, and someone from our office will contact you to notify you of the damage. This affords you the time to contact your supplier and have a replacement sent well in advance of the scheduled installation date. If it weren’t for our attention to detail and desire to be the best at what we do, material could potentially arrive at the job site damaged and unfit for installation, delaying the project and costing unnecessary dollars.

C.R. Hamilton has the ability to set our customers up in our bar code system with a user ID and password security so you can log on via the internet and view the materials that we have received and are holding in our warehouse. All pertinent and critical information will be available for you to view from anywhere that you have access to the internet. In addition, our system has the ability to take digital pictures of your material and link them to the part number. When you view your inventory remotely you will be able to see pictures that will assist you with identifying your material.

At C.R. Hamilton, we also believe the key to quality inventory management is thorough product knowledge. Having been involved in our industry for decades, we are intimately familiar with generators, switch gear, uninterrupted supplies, transformers, store fixtures, manufacturing, medical, bakery, bank, and telecommunications equipment. So when you call us, we speak your language. And if you have a product that is relatively new to the market we will make sure we learn all the associated nomenclature as quickly as possible. You can be sure that when you come to C.R. Hamilton with a project that requires inventory management we will be accurate, timely, and thorough.

  • Bar code system for inventory management
  • Staff knowledgeable of wide variety of product and materials
  • Customer can view inventory via internet
  • Inventory system capable of displaying digital pictures with part numbers
  • Custom cataloging features available
  • Accurate, timely, and thorough