Long Island Moving And Storage

Long Island Moving And StorageGot great stuff, but far too much of it? This is a common problem these days. C.R. Hamilton Long Island Moving and Storage provides storage for as long as you require a safe, dry place to stash your extra stuff. Our storage units are clean, well lit and entirely secure. For more information, please call 631-351-4500.

Everyone needs more storage space, now and then. If you've just moved to town and have not found an apartment yet, you may want to store your furniture and household goods for a little while. If you've just inherited a lot of antiques and don't yet know what to do with them, C.R. Hamilton can provide you with a safe, dry and secure unit that will suit your storage requirements perfectly. Perhaps you own a business and have more stock than you can comfortably keep at your retail location. Maybe you only require a small storage space in which to stash your rowboats between seasons. We don't really need to know why you need one or more storage units.

Please be aware that not all Long Island storage facilities are as clean and secure as ours. Our name is well respected for Long Island Moving and Storage. If you have anything that requires a safe place to stay for long term or short term, C.R. Hamilton is the company to call. We guarantee the cleanliness and security of our storage units. Each unit is carefully and thoroughly sanitized between clients, so you always move your things into a nice, clean unit. Contact C.R. Hamilton at 631-351-4500. You can reach us any time, day or night. Yes, we're open on weekends, too. C.R. Hamilton Moving and Storage provides excellent moving services and a safe, clean storage facility, too. Long Island Moving And Storage
C R Hamilton
44 Railroad St, Huntington Station, NY 11746

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