Long Island Warehouse

Long Island Warehouse

Five Things To Consider When Opening A New Long Island Warehouse

When opening a new warehouse in Long Island there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration, from the location of the warehouse to availability of labor, from storage capacity to raw material accessibility. Your choice of warehouse plays an important role in the growth and development of your business. In fact, this may even be the deciding factor, the edge that you need to stay above your competitor. Below are five important factors to consider when opening a new Long Island warehouse;

1) Physical location:

This is one of the most important factors to consider when opening a new warehouse. The location of your Long Island warehouse should be decided by answering the question; what area or region do I intend to serve? Opening your warehouse close to your customers will ensure that you deliver promptly. Also, this helps to cut down on transportation cost of taking products from warehouse to end customers.

When considering cost, you should also bear in mind the manufacturing facility. If your warehouse is located in good proximity to the manufacturing facility then it would cost less to take goods to the warehouse for storage after production. The warehouse should also be located close to the carrier facility that will be responsible for logistics. When opening a new Long Island warehouse all the above should be taken into consideration.

2) Warehouse requirement:

In order to secure a favorable warehouse you need to ask yourself what requirements do I have in mind for the warehouse, i.e. what exactly do I need the warehouse for? The obvious answer, of course, is storage, but you need to think beyond that. Is the structure of the warehouse suited to your needs? Does it offer enough space or is it too big and will end up leaving you with too much empty room? Does it have facilities that will ensure easy logistical integration, e.g. accessibility to lorries, easy loading etc.?

3) Labor force availability:

Labor is one of the important factors that must be considered in opening a new Long Inland warehouse. The availability or otherwise of labor will determine the prompt delivery and growth of the business. Will you warehouse be operating 24 hours? Will there be ready labor for this round-the-clock operation? Is there a competing business in the neighborhood that will negatively impact labor availability? These are some of the questions that need to be asked.

4) Your vision for the future and potential expansion:

When opening a new Long Island warehouse you have to consider your vision for the future and your plans for possible expansion. Moving goods to a new location is costly and time-consuming. So when moving into a new warehouse you have to consider the longevity that it offers. As your business expand will the warehouse be able to service your needs or will you have to move to yet another?

5) Type of goods:

The type of goods or service that you are planning to warehouse and offer to your customers should also be taken into account when opening a new warehouse. If your business deals in perishable or fragile goods, then it advisable you are located close to your customers and also close to the source of the goods. This will reduce the chances of spoilage and damage.

And if your business deals in hazardous goods, then it is better you are sited in an isolated location, to prevent unnecessary exposure or contact.


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