Portable Storage

Go Minis of Long Island, centrally located in Huntington NY, provides the most efficient portable storage solution in the industry. Every customer has specific needs and that is why Go Minis offers multiple options to easily facilitate your moving and storage needs. If you are searching for storage units on Long Island, CR Hamilton is your connection for your next move!

Go Minis proudly offers three different size units while our competition only offers one. Our inventory is equipped with 12’, 16’, and 20’ containers. Choosing the correct size units that meet your needs is where the cost savings starts. With three choices available, we have the ability to match you with the most cost effective container. Why pay for a 16’ container if you only need the room of a more affordable 12’ container. Go Minis 20’ container is the largest portable storage unit specifically designed for house hold goods. When it comes to loading your belongings into a storage unit, choose the cleanest, largest, and most durable one available and choose a local self-storage provider on Long Island.

When it comes to moving and storing your belongings, the fewer times you handle your goods, the less chance damage will occur. With Go Minis portable storage units of Long Island, you load the container once and do not touch it again until it’s time to deliver. The traditional self-storage of Long Island facilities require you to repeat this process two more times, rent a truck and climb a steep ramp in the process. Go Minis alleviates that hassle by offering a better way to move your home or business. Moving is challenging enough without making the process more difficult. The Go Mini container sits eight inches off the ground, low enough to facilitate access yet high enough to keep out rain water.

The most attractive feature of renting a Go Mini self-storage container is avoiding the cost of renting a truck or hiring a moving company. Long Island Go Minis units will deliver a unit to your home and you keep it as long as you like. When you are ready to have it moved, just give us a call and our operations staff will have it relocated promptly. If you are in need of long term storage, speak to one of our representatives to find out about discounted rates.

There are countless applications why businesses use Go Minis. Whether it is used for record storage, excess furniture, inventory, or renovation, the Go Mini is an affordable solution. The Go Mini has evolved into a major resource for the contractor. Having the ability to declutter a renovation site before work begins is a huge asset. The renovation proceeds at a faster pace and most often the quality of work is at a higher level. Contractors find that having an onsite secure place to store their tools and materials reduces operational costs significantly.

Realtors in Long Island will tell you that a decluttered home shows better and most often sells faster. Go Minis units are the perfect solution to accommodate this task. Simply have a container delivered, load it at your leisure and when you are done, give us a call and we will pick it up to be stored at our facility. Long Island Go Minis goal is to strive for complete customer satisfaction because your referral is what keeps us in business.

  • Three different size containers are available
  • Minimizes the handling of your goods
  • Easy access
  • No need to hire a truck or moving company
  • A great resource for contractors and realtors
  • Many applications for commercial and residential use