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Riggers In Long IslandThe most reliable riggers in Long Island are employed at CR Hamilton. As a licensed master rigger, their company has amassed a great deal of expertise and experience in rigging, heavy hauling and crane services with a portfolio that includes aerospace, medical, financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and telecommunications industries.

Locals trust CR Hamilton with their most critical rigging and crane operations, confident that their trucks will arrive on location on time and fully outfitted to handle the job at hand. CR Hamilton is a trusted partner and their riggers in Long Island will perform your site surveys, order permits, review scheduling to ensure no errors, make preparations on site and work closely with your team so that progress takes place as intended.

When it comes to hiring riggers in the Long Island area, you should be aware they are not all created equally. What makes choosing a qualified rigger even more difficult is that prices are not set throughout the industry, making it essential that you research the company you are planning to work with to determine whether they are an affordable option.

Prices in the rigging industry are often set according to the size of the company and what they have to bring to the table, in which case, a more costly service may end up being cheaper in the long run. For example, a large company that owns its own equipment may save you from rental fees, which will bring down the total cost of their service.

Before making your final decision in hiring, take stock of the importance of the load you are working with and ask your prospects for their portfolio to determine if they have the experience necessary to do the job. It’s not uncommon for a rigger in Long Island to use tools that are inadequate to handle a load, therefore asking about equipment is a legitimate request. Finally, make certain your rigger’s insurance policy is sufficient to cover the cost of your load, and if the policy is valid in each state you will be in, if applicable.

Since no two projects are identical in nature, CR Hamilton is dedicated to working with you to meet the time constraints, budget and safety issues your project is facing. Their highly skilled and experienced personnel have the right equipment at hand to meet your goals; in fact, you’ll find CR Hamilton to be fully equipped with a range of forklifts, gantries, chain falls, crane rental and rigging, tilt bodies and all other applicable rigging gear for Long Island projects.

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, you’ll find CR Hamilton possesses the heavy equipment and the knowledge necessary to operate it properly with the prime goal of safely and affordably seeing your project to its completion.

Please take a moment to learn more about what makes CR Hamilton different from the other riggers around Long Island. Enjoy the informative articles in their blog, check out the services offered or call 631-351-4500 to request a free estimate for your upcoming job. Riggers In Long Island
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