Long Island Rigging

Rigging and Crane Services in the Long Island and Tri-State Area

C.R. Hamilton is a licensed master rigger on Long Island on and has acquired vast expertise in the areas of rigging, crane services, and heavy hauling.

Our portfolio includes work in the aerospace, medical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial, and telecommunications industries with customers that have come to rely on C.R. Hamilton for their most sensitive and critical rigging and crane operations. Our trucks arrive at your location fully outfitted to handle the assigned task. A good plan is an important component of any rigging project and we will perform site surveys, order necessary permits, review scheduling, make site preparations, and coordinate with your team well in advance of the intended start date to ensure things progress as proposed, in orderly fashion, within your parameters, satisfying your time constraints and exceeding your expectations.

The rigging services that we offer include street closure and sidewalk permits, hoisting surveys and site plan analysis, heavy hauling, crane rental and rigging, over dimensional permits and machinery installations. Each project is different and we will work with you to determine the most expeditious, efficient and safe solution to your most challenging assignments. Constantly changing designs combined with the technical challenges of more sensitive and intricate electronic equipment require rigging practices tailored to the specific industry in order to provide quality rigging services. Our skilled and trained personnel armed with the proper resources will design the solution that meets all of your criteria. C.R. Hamilton is fully equipped with a wide range of forklifts, crane rental and rigging, tilt bodies, gantries, chain falls, and other rigging gear available to handle your special projects in and around Long Island.

C.R. Hamilton has trained staff to handle rigging projects that also require installation services. We have crews proficient at downloading operating software into ATMs, installing ATMs through walls, mounting surrounds, and applying all finishing trim. Installing large sterilization equipment and washers for hospitals, universities, and laboratories is also on our resume. Many manufacturers recommend our services for assembling and installing their precision tables and optical tables. Our reputation for professionally representing manufacturers during installation has built relationships that are mutually beneficial to rigger and manufacturer. We also offer de-installation and removal for equipment that is obsolete or has out lived its useful service life. If your project involves dismantling, relocating, and assembling at another site, we can prepare, pack, transport and hold in storage while the new facility is being completed. Let C.R. Hamilton provide turnkey rigging and logistics of new installations, de-installations, rigging or relocation of equipment for your next planned initiative.

Our licensed master rigger on Long Island and rigging crews have experience in hoisting a multitude of commodities, such as generators, batteries, power supplies, rectifiers, transformers, hospital and medical equipment, sterilizers, switching equipment, telecommunications cabinets and safes. No matter what your product or commodity, C.R. Hamilton will provide the expert care and handling required for your sensitive high value product. Many projects that require rigging involve machinery that is large, valuable, and cumbersome to handle. If your facility is not prepared to receive the equipment, ship it directly to our warehouse where we will safely unload it and hold it until you are ready. Call us to discuss a plan that works best for you.

  • Licensed Master Riggers
  • Hoisting Surveys & Site Plan Analysis
  • Street Closing & Sidewalk Permits
  • Heavy hauling
  • Installation services
  • De-installation and removal services
  • Full assortment of rigging gear
  • Forklifts up to 15 tons in capacity
  • Experienced with high value products

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