CoolIt! Of Greater New York offers a simple and efficient solution for your cold storage needs. Our portable cooler storage solutions are ideal for short and long-term cold storage needs for businesses and residents in the greater New York area.


Portable Refrigerators & Freezers for Short- & Long-Term Rentals

When you need cold storage for your business or event, CoolIt! of Greater New York offers portable, on-site cold storage containers with these great benefits:

  • Two different size containers (10' and 20')
  • Flexible long and short term rentals
  • Ground-level access
  • State of the art technology
  • Electric powered and cost effective
  • Many applications for commercial and residential use


Portable Solutions for Your Cold Storage Needs

CoolIt! portable cold storage containers are a convenient and easy solution for storing perishable items when traditional refrigeration is insufficient or inaccessible. Need to keep items frozen? No problem. Our containers maintain temperatures of 0 degrees, making them perfect for your frozen storage needs.

Coolit!'s portable containers are ideal when a business is providing services on-location or when current refrigeration is at capacity, or out of service and extra space is needed. Businesses in a variety of different industries use portable cold storage for peak seasons, special events, or emergencies. We also proudly service residents and private events across Long Island and the Greater New York areas.


Cold Storage Made Simple

When it comes to cold storage needs, businesses and individuals have varying requirements. That's why CoolIt! of Greater New York offers flexible rental options for both short and long-term needs. 

From restaurants and florists to medical labs, event companies, and even local residents, we bring simple cold storage solutiuons to your door. Whether you need your cold storage container for a weekend or a season, we offer competitive rates, simple delivery, and surveillance and monitoring to keep your items safe. 


Cold Storage Delivered to Your Door

Many of our customers appreciate the convenience of the specialized “storage-at-your-doorstep” solution that CoolIt! of Greater New York provides. Our cold storage containers are electric powered and can also be powered by generators, making them ideal for emergency or remote cold storage needs. Ready to reserve your container? Here's how it works

  • Determine your storage needs, CoolIt! offers 10' and 20' containers
  • Determine the length of your rental
  • Reach out to CoolIt! for an estimate
  • Schedule delivery of your container
  • Confirm electrical power needs
  • Plug in and CoolIt! 



Our containers are ideal for restaurants during refrigerator outages, repairs, and even during high volume times. Flexible rental options and the convenience of "storage at your door" make CoolIt! a top choice for restaurants in the Greater New York Area.


Heading into wedding season? Need extra storage for Valentine's and Mother's Day orders? CoolIt! has you covered. Our walk-in coolers offer extra, temperature-controlled storage space for floral orders and loose stems. 

Catering & Events Companies

Whether your catering and event company is looking for extra storage at your prep kitchen or needs a unique solution for cold storage for an event in a remote location, our simple scheduling and delivery mean you have options when it comes to finding the cold storage you need. 

Bakers & Confectioners

We know that holidays and seasonal events can have a big impact on your order volume. Don't sacrifice opportunities because of a lack of cooler space. CoolIt! portable cold storage offers bakeries and confectioners the flexibility to access additional cold storage when and where they need it.  

Medical Facilities

Cold storage for hospitals, labs, and other medical facilities can be costly. Our medical cold storage services offer your practice rental solutions to ensure the integrity of your medical products while offering convenient on-site access and monitoring options to ensure your items remain safe. 

Private Events

CoolIt! cold storage isn't just for businesses. We proudly service the short-term, cold storage needs for private events and hospitality groups throughout Long Island and the Greater New York region.

See How CoolIt! Can Help You!

At CoolIt! of Greater New York, our goal is to strive for complete customer satisfaction because your referral is what keeps us in business.

Ready to see how simple cold storage can be? Get in touch with us today.

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