How to Use a Portable Storage Unit Efficiently

Portable storage units provide a lot of convenience and flexibility. The procedure itself is very simple – the company providing the storage unit will deliver it to your location, give you time to get it filled and store it for you. When it comes to efficient commercial distribution, you will have to learn how to make the most of a portable storage unit.

Choose the Right Size

Portable units for storage come in various sizes. Depending on the amount you plan to put inside, you will have to pick the most appropriate size. The price will depend on that choice so spend some time thinking about it.

All units are eight feet high but their length varies. There are 12, 16 and 20-foot long storage units. The company you work with can make a recommendation on the basis of the intended unit usage.

Proper Storage

The manner in which you store inventory inside a portable storage unit will be determining for its efficient usage.

Put the items in boxes and make sure that each box is labeled. The larger boxes should be placed on the bottom of the unit and the smaller pieces need to go on top. Not only will this strategy allow for the best usage of the space, it will also give you easy access to the inventory whenever you decide that you need to get something.

Make an Inventory List in Advance

Having an inventory list for the storage unit will also help you organize your commercial distribution better.

After you mark and label the boxes, create a list that provides information about the types of items placed in the portable storage unit and the number of pieces of each kind. The inventory list should be modified each time you put something in or take inventory out of the unit.


Depending on the type of items you are planning to store inside the unit, you may also think about safety and damage control. Using shelves is great for organizing boxes and making sure that they stay in place. The size of the shelves and the boxes has to be coordinated. Make sure that the boxes slide easily inside but that they are also kept in place.

The type of storage unit you pick can also have effect on the condition of the inventory stored inside. You may consider getting a unit that has a translucent roof, a unit that is vented or a refrigerated unit.

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