Inventory management is the very core of our business. At Hamilton Drayage, we firmly believe all our services hinge on the proper care and control of the products trusted to us by our valued customers. As soon as your product hits our docks, our trained warehouse staff begin working to ensure your items are organized, catalogued and stored and are ready when and where you need them.

Inventory Request


Product Arrival

When your product arrives to our facility, our trained warehouse staff unload items and begin the process of inspecting, organizing and scanning your inventory into our inventory management system.

Product Inspection

Our warehouse staff understands your materials may have been ordered to fulfill a project that has pre-determined deadlines, and delays are frustrating and costly. That is why we inspect each package for any visible damage when it arrives. If damage is detected, a warehouseman will take pictures, note the damage on the trucker’s bill of lading and someone from our office will notify you of the damage. This affords you time to contact your supplier and have a replacement sent well in advance of the scheduled installation date.

Inventory Storage

Once the items are catalogued, we assign them to a specific storage location in our warehouse. Our warehouse space is meticulously designed to include barcoded racks and shelves, so we can know the exact location of your items within our facility.

Inventory Input

Once your items are delivered, we scan them into our industry-specific barcode system. Freight is carefully catalogued capturing information such as the date it arrived at our warehouse, the carrier who delivered it, the carrier’s bill of lading, the manufacturer of the product and manufacturer’s part number and order number. As a matter of fact, our system can be custom tailored to capture and display the particular information you would like to see.

Inventory Requests

As items from your inventory need to be delivered, we assist you every step of the way. Our team will process requests, prepare your items for delivery and ensure your inventory is updated within our system to reflect the most accurate and up-to-date count of your items still in storage.

Inventory Delivery

When it comes time for delivery, our impressive fleet provides superior transportation services. Our drivers are experienced professionals that have undergone background checks, drug testing and continuous safety training. They arrive in uniform with handheld electronic devices which display your order, record your signature of receipt, and date and time stamp the delivery.

Warehousing Services Include

Barcode system for inventory management

Staff knowledgeable of wide variety of product and materials

Customer can request report of their current inventory

Inventory system capable of displaying digital pictures with part numbers

Custom cataloging features available

Accurate, timely and thorough


At Hamilton Drayage, we also believe the key to quality inventory management is thorough product knowledge. When you call us, we speak your language. If you have a product relatively new to the market, we make sure to learn all the associated nomenclature as quickly as possible. You can be sure when you come to Hamilton Drayage with a project that requires inventory management, we will be accurate, timely and thorough. Having been involved in our industry for decades, we are intimately familiar with items including...


Switch Gear

Uninterrupted Power Supplies


Restaurant Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment

Medical Labs & Facilities

Store Fixtures

Banking Machines

Telecommunications Equipment


Online Inventory Management From Hamilton Drayage

Hamilton Drayage has invested heavily in new technology and continues to stay current with the latest upgrades to make sure we provide our customers with a sophisticated system for inventory management. Inventory reports are available and can be custom tailored to the customers’ needs. Of course, we hold on to some old fashioned beliefs and have staff available to answer the phone and provide answers to any questions you may have regarding the products you have stored with us.

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