Hamilton Drayage is an experienced company in installation and deinstallation services for many industries. Each project is different and requires specialized trucking, storage, hauling, hoisting and even rigging applications. At Hamilton Drayage you can count on us to work with you from start to finish to be sure that the quality of logistics management you need is exactly what you get.


Throughout our history, we have worked to develop a process to ensure our customers receive comprehensive relocation, transportation and logistics services. Our installation and de-installation services take our commitment to quality one step further.

Pre-Installation Planning

As you’re preparing to relocate your business or facility, coordinating the installation of your specialty equipment is key to getting your operation back up and running. We work with you to outline the process and define timelines for your project to ensure items are delivered and installed on time and your team can get back to work serving your customers as soon as possible.

Delivery and Storage

If your installation project has items arriving ahead of your move-in date or you are simply replacing old and outdated equipment with a newer version, you can trust Hamilton Drayage to handle logistics for you. Our team is prepared to receive items, store them, and perform any pre-assembly at our facility before delivering them to you.

Post-Installation Status Check

Once the items are installed, we work with you to ensure everything is working properly and positioned correctly in your facility.

Deinstallation Services

As a part of your project, you might need to enlist “deinstallation” services to remove old and outdated equipment and make room for new items or to prepare existing equipment for transport and installation into a new facility. Hamilton Drayage has experience performing installation and deinstallation services for a variety of industries including telecommunications, store display and fixtures, office equipment, medical equipment, lab equipment, and more.

Transportation and Installation

Through our industry partnerships with United Van Lines and the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association, we have a network of partners who ensure we can transport and install your equipment anywhere you need it: locally, nationally or internationally.

Our transportation and installation services come with a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with providing safe and secure transportation for your items. We have the knowledge and expertise to get them delivered and properly installed in your facility.


Our team is with you every step of the way to ensure your project is on schedule and to avoid any potential roadblocks to getting your equipment installed and ready for use. Our goal is to provide a smooth and professional transition to your new office, lab or manufacturing facility and minimize downtime in the process.


Our company has been serving Long Island since 1905, and our customers have come to count on our strength and superior inventory management, storage, warehousing solutions and distribution network. We are centrally located on Long Island which allows for us to provide superior logistics management by means of inventory distribution and commercial warehousing. We handle and transport even the largest and most delicate of freight and machinery and will provide crane services if needed, as well as installation and deinstallation services.

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