Moving can be a monumental feat complete with unexpected pitfalls and a host of stresses and headaches for the entire family! However, with some advanced planning and pre-move strategy, you can make your next move far less stressful on everyone involved. Here are some easy to implement ideas for your next stress free move:

Consider hiring a professional moving company: When hiring a moving company, make sure they are local and that they have a history of positive reviews and references. For example, if you are looking for a mover and you live in Long Island, search the internet for terms like “Long Island Movers” or “Long Island Moving Companies”. In most cases, local results will include local reviews and these are the most valuable type of reviews online. Check the moving company’s credentials including insurance coverage and listings in the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Plan your move with a schedule of events: Create a list of “To-Do’s” and break the list out to a weekly checklist to keep the move preparation on track. Having a list in place will help you avoid last minute issues and prepared for most of the small tasks that seem to add up quick when attempting a move across the street or across the country. Put the list on a calendar and tape it to your refrigerator for everyone to see and assign everyone their own tasks to share the responsibility of the move.

Clean House: Before a move is a great time to have a garage sale or to make donations to your local charities like AMVETS and Goodwill. There are a host of services in the Long Island area that you can donate household items. If you will not have room or a need for an item, don’t waste time moving the item to your new home. Old furniture and other bulky items take up the most space and can increase the cost of a move. If you are in doubt…throw it out!

Plan Your Packing: Make sure your pack all your items by rooms and label each box for its final destination like Kitchen, Basement, and Master Bedroom etc. If you are not sure where the items will go in the new home, mark them as General Items or Garage Generic so they are at least in the same place and you know where to find them.

Prepare For Move-Day: Have all your personal items packed and ready to go the day before your Long Island Movers arrive. Clear the hallways and stairs so the movers can navigate your home quickly and without unintended delays. Pack your valuables separately and take them with you the day of the move.

Change Your Address: Formally changing your address at the Post Office is a must! Stop by your local US Post Office and request a change-of-address form to make sure you receive your mail and prevent opportunities for identity theft. Don’t forget to discontinue your phone and fax lines, utilities, cable and other services to ensure you are not billed beyond your move date.

Moving Materials: Be sure to stock up on tape, boxes and other packing materials in advance of your move. You can save money by stopping buy your local markets or stores and asking for boxes. Generally, they will be happy to provide you with all the boxes you can handle. Again, do not wait until the last minute to start gathering the materials and packing your belongings. Last minute moves and poor planning will cause the most stress and issues for you and your family. Plan ahead and take the steps necessary to make it as pain free and smooth as possible!

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